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Why Spring/Summer is the best time to replace your boiler – 11.05.2018

Out of sight, out of mind. Many people don’t really think about their ageing boiler – or replacing it – until it’s too late. The warmer months, Spring and Summer, are the best time of year to think about boiler replacement – and here’s why:

A new boiler is less likely to break down…

No one wants to wake up in October, the first time it freezes overnight, and find their boiler failed to switch on and is sitting there announcing a cryptic fault code. Most boiler breakdowns occur when the boiler is working hard – in the winter. A new boiler won’t be under so much strain, and will be covered by a warranty in case you happen to have got the bad ‘un.

…which means you can choose the best replacement at your leisure

Replacing your boiler in the winter may mean replacing it when it’s broken, which means you will want to hurry. So you won’t have time to compare different models to see which has the features that are right for you and your property. Replacing your boiler now means you can read reviews, get quotes and take your time over what is a pretty important decision. By choosing the right system for your needs you may find your energy bills drop as technology improves and efficiency increases.

You can choose when the installation happens…

Because boilers tend to break in the winter, heating engineers tend to be less busy in the summer. Wherever in London you are you’ll find it far easier to schedule a boiler replacement at a time that’s convenient to you in the summer months. It’s always easier to arrange time off or to work from home if you aren’t trying to do it at the last minute.

… and keep warm during the installation period!

Our summers aren’t always the sunniest of times, but they are, at least slightly, warmer than winter. A boiler replacement can take up to three days depending on what other work needs to be done before your system is fully functional and tested. Three days can be a long time to wait when you’re relying on portable heaters and extra jumpers to keep warm.

So, there you have it. Four very good reasons why now is the ideal time to think about, and book, an upgrade to your heating system.