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Commercial Installation Services – 06.08.2018

All commercial and industrial premises – schools and hospitals, hotels and factories, know that one of the keys to commercial success is having the right commercial boiler installation to enhance the effective functioning, safety and comfort of all those who work in or visit the premises.

Here at JCH London we operate all across London and we’ve been fitting commercial boilers and large-scale industrial heating systems for decades. All our technicians are extensively trained to the highest standards using the very latest advancements in technology and equipment along with the highest quality fittings.

Specialists in the Commercial Catering Field

Commercial catering is a fast-paced and highly competitive business and if you get it wrong in terms of not keeping up with the latest innovations in equipment, along with the relevant legislation that goes with it, you can find yourself struggling. Because we specialise in commercial gas installation and because our qualified gas engineers are available 24/7 you can be assured that our service doesn’t stop when your catering appliances are switched off! Our installation, service and maintenance engineers are on hand to keep your gas appliances, flues, pipework and much besides working exactly as they should and all your catering equipment working safely and within strict regulations.

It is important that catering establishments large and small comply with the requirement to have installed a gas interlock. This is a safety device which will isolate the gas supply safely in the event of a malfunction or leakage in the gas supply. Don’t worry because JCH London has got that covered as well to keep your catering establishment well within the regulations now and for the foreseeable future.

Commercial Boiler Installation

We apply the same rigorous dedication to craftsmanship and standards whether we install a single boiler or a large heating system and whether the premises are a small enterprise or multinational concern. Our 24 hour a day back-up services come as standard.

And did you know that we are class leaders when it comes to the installation of renewable energy? All our technology is designed to meet environmental needs and customer needs on an equal basis.

In addition, we are experts in the field of Building Energy Management Systems. These computer based systems can manage, control and monitor the energy consumption of devices within commercial premises in order to help managers improve the energy performance and consumption of their building.

To find out about our boiler and gas installation services and to experience the difference our service can make, why not call us today for a quote?